Our waste battery service ensures that we collect on time and that batteries are completely recycled in line with government standards. All while ensuring that your environment is unaffected by this process.

We make Instant Payments

Our fast turn around and customer focused service means our clients feel safe that their batteries are in good hands.

Julian Howes

Managing Director


City Batteries recycle industrial lead/acid batteries in a clean, cost-effective, responsible manner

STUART EMERY - Managing Director - Elespa

Peace of mind that your waste batteries are dealt with effectively

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"City Batteries collect and recycle all of our batteries at the end of their lives, which is a very important part of our business.

I would always recommend City Batteries. They have consistently helped us with the collection of batteries over the years, and I think other companies would be mad not to use them."

Please recycle my industrial lead / acid batteries

We will take care of your batteries giving you peace of mind that they are recycled responsibly

For the last 30 years we have provided a bespoke industrial lead / acid battery recycling service from our base of operations in South East England. 

Based in South East London we are close enough to all major UK routes to service the whole country

Dean Howes

Managing Director

Andrew Milner

Company Manager


24/7 Collection

We collect across the UK, 24 hours , 7 days a week. We can also operate at short notice outside of business hours.

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What battery type do you need to recycle?

Do you know how much your batteries weigh? 
Very often we will know the weight of your battery by the model number or manufacturer. Please call us so we can assist you.


Are your batteries wet or dry cell? 
Not sure - please call us.

Are your batteries from forklift trucks, UPS backup supply batteries or from the automotive industry?
If you know the brand or battery model number we will be able to give you an instant price over the phone.

Where is your business based?

Based upon your postcode we are happy to quote for a collection.


Other factors to consider.


Do you need containers for the storage and collection of the batteries?
For collection of large volumes you may need pallets for us to pick them up with our forklift.

We can supply pallets and containers.

Out of hours collections for your batteries are possible, for evenings and weekends

Book your time slot for pickup or delivery


After collection or delivery.


When you pick your batteries up we will supply a receipt.

When the batteries arrive at our unit we will weigh and inspect them.
We will confirm the weight and type of battery. At this point we will send a statement for you to invoice against.

Once your agreement has been received on the weight and price we will make a payment into your business bank account within 5 business days.